Office of Experiential Learning

Recent Internships


Special Needs Camp Counselor/Tutor
Brock Goggins

Class of 09, Sociology

Provided remedial instruction, structure, and encouragement to emotionally handicapped and learning disabled children at Englishton Park in Lexington, IN

"Working with the children at Englishton Park made this summer the best experience of my life and definitely cemented my decision to continue working with kids in the future."

Community Organization and Advocacy
Lauren Wilson

Class of 12, Sociology

Interned at Community Hospital South in Greenwood, IN.

"I feel as though the career I have chosen to follow this summer may be a great fit for me in the future. I have enjoyed working alongside the ladies in the cancer center."

Dental Assistant
Kimberly Lude
Class of 10, Chemistry

Worked in dental offices- general, surgical, pediatric and periodonal in Fort Wayne, IN

"This internship will help me to affirm my desire to become a dentist."

Fitness Trainer
Brandiann Warren

Class of 10, Exercise Science

Summer Internship: Taught exercise and nutrition classes, and created individualized workout fitness plans for pregnant women at Nicole's Place in Louisville, KY

"The insight I gained from this internship will aid me in my future goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, focusing on midwifery."

Wellness Management
Jimmy Girot

Class of 11, Health and Movement Studies

Interned at the YMCA in Fishers, IN

"Wellness Management in a non-profit setting was exciting to me because it is a field that combines three things I am passionate about; leadership, community service, and fitness."

Law Career Connections
Anthony Ooley

Class of 11, Sociology

Interned at IU's LGBT Student Support Services.

"Working in the office has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in my life. I enjoy working with students, faculty, administration and families and speaking with LGBT students about their experiences and offering a caring ear."

Medical Career Connections
Heather Washburn

Class of 11, Biology

Interned at Tierra Nueva, Ecuador and at Alivio Medical Center in Indianapolis, assisting doctors and nurses in the facility. She assisted in all aspects of work as a doctor including taking blood pressure and recording information as the doctor received it.

"The most important thing...take risks! Because of my summer internships, I realized the importance of taking risks, stepping out of one's comfort zone, and trying something new and different."

Ministry Career Connections
Katherine Neawedde
Class of 11, Sociology & Theology

Worked with the CrossRoads Church at Westfield, IN, doing sociological research on commitment to help others through church or religion. Specifically, she interviewed students from GroupWork Camps on their experiences and opinions with the organization.

"This experience really helped to open my eyes to how diverse a career can be."

Museum Career Connections
Anna Duquaine

Class of 10, History

Worked with Gruenewald Historic House in Anderson, IN. Anna helped to increase publicity for the site through a variety of mediums as well as assisted with Board Meetings and aided in day to day operations.

"It was nice to have an occupation these last few months that was more than just another summer job and to get experience in a field that could realistically become a career for me."

Museum Career Connections
Anna Cooley

Class of 11, English

Worked at Historic Madison, Inc. in Madison, IN. Anna docented, researched and created museum displays.

"Pursuit of knowledge is very important to me, and a museum career would not only allow me to pursue my own knowledge, but also help develop others.'"

Museum Career Connections
Spencer Sholty

Class of 12, Art History & Studio Art

Interned at the Indiana State Museum.

"I continue to be really excited about the career path that I've considered choosing. I have always loved going to museums and learning about history through all of the diverse and interesting things that might be in the collection, and working at one would be a dream come true."  

NGO in Africa
International Studies Career Connections
Courtney Hess

Class of 09, Political Science

Edited, reported, interviewed, researched for all Africa Global Media in Monrovia, Liberia, Africa

"I would like to... begin my work in Sub-Saharan Africa or... in an organization that does extensive work in... the African continents"

Oceanographic Research
Environmental Science Career Connections

Elizabeth Otte
Class of 09, Biology

Oceanographic research in Homer, Alaska with community-based education component.

"My Internship has helped me realize how interested I am in not just science, but science education... in fact, this will be the focus of my Independent Study."

State Fair
Stephanie Jones
Class of 08, Communications

Worked with two other interns to develop a new family adventure for elementary / middle school age children and their families. Jones's exemplary work and leadership during her internship at the State Fair led to an offer for full-time employment after her graduation.

"The most rewarding part is getting to see what takes place behind the scenes in an organization of this caliber and seeing it all come together."

Autism Teaching Assistant
Early Childhood Development Career Connections

Mary Ruble
Class of 11, Elementary Education

Worked with Damar Services in Indianapolis, IN, caring for children with all levels of autism on a daily basis.

"It is exciting to me to work with children who look up to me and who trust me. Trust with a child with autism means a lot more than a typical child. When you are the person they run to, it is the best feeling in the world."

Teacher in a Prison
College Teaching Career Connections
Travis Perry

Class of 09, Philosophy

Taught philosophy, religion, and writing to inmates at Madison Correction Facility in Madison, IN

"I decided I should go out and share the same gifts given to me by those brilliant professors."

Theatre and Film Career Connections
Jon Harden

Class of 12, Theatre

Interned at Muncie Civic Theatre in Muncie, IN.

"The thing that excited me about technical theatre is that it is always changing. New 'standards' are always popping up and if you don't know the standard it's always fun to try to figure out how to best do things."

Youth Volunteer Coordinator
Counseling Career Connections
Jennifer Caudill

Class of 09, English & Psychology

Monitored, encouraged, and rewarded teenage volunteers at the Louisville Science Center in Kentucky

"Learning to work, assist, and mentor individuals from such a wide age range has been a great asset to my career goal of counseling. I also made... connections for future jobs and references."